Case Study: Cross Country Healthcare


The Client

Cross Country Healthcare, formerly Medical Staffing Network (MSN), is a leading healthcare staffing provider in Florida. With over 36 years of experience, the company is thriving with excellent healthcare professionals serving thousands of customers nationwide.

Cross Country Healthcare is the leading platform for finding healthcare resources to meet short- and long-term care needs. The network offers and connects hundreds and thousands of professionals to patients around the USA.

The Challenge

During our multi-year engagement with Cross Country Healthcare, formerly Medical Staffing Network, MSN was facing tremendous issues and lengthy delays closing their month-end. The closing numbers were approximations thus making their closing statement less than reliable!

The Solution

e-BizSoft, fixed the accrual process, which allowed the timely recognition of revenue, and automated the entire closing process by providing structured four step process that account department could run and verify the numbers at each step.

The Result

By automation, reporting tools, and collapsing processes, e-BizSoft reduced the monthly closing effort by 2 weeks to 2 days! Before this, the closing cycle was an approximation, requiring all sorts of Excel sheets, adjusting entries, and ungrounded estimates. A menu-driven system was introduced, allowing several steps into the simple and convenient process.
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