Robotic Process Automation Services

What can robotic process automation (RPA) do for your organization? RPA is a kind of software technology that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to automate high-volume, repetitive tasks that we humans do.

In a business environment, these tasks range from answering simple data-centric questions and doing calculations to more complex, structured activities such as manipulating data, maintaining records across systems, engaging in communications (human and computer-to-computer), providing autonomic responses, handling email related tasks, and many other clerical & administrative activities.

The “bots” created through the usage of RPA can number in the thousands, with each bot programmed to automate tasks. These bots are particularly useful in back office environments centered around your ERP or financial accounting system. They can vastly improve your organization’s productivity and efficiency by tirelessly taking care of mundane tasks so your team can focus on true knowledge based, value-added work.

e-BizSoft specializes in employing RPA to create custom bots that can manage countless tasks around Microsoft Dynamics, Intuit QuickBooks, Odoo, as well as line of business applications in your business environment.

We employ the best RPA tools in the industry, including Microsoft® Power Automate (previously Microsoft® Flow) and UiPath™.